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Pet Supplies

Cater to your chirpy pals and cuddly companions! From a buffet of bird seeds to pampering pet essentials, we've got your critters covered.

Pet Care Essentials

We love our pets and understand that they are important members of our families. We carry quality food, organic treats, chew bones, toys, shampoo, collars, leashes, flea and tick products, Nature's Miracle cleaners as well as grooming tools, and other goodies for your pet. If you need a pet run, our hardware store has prefabricated runs and trolleys or one of our staff members can help you design a custom run for your pup.

Nelson Ace Hardware is pet-friendly (on a leash, please!) and always welcomes our canine and feline friends with a treat! Bring your pup or kitty into our store and we'll take their picture for our Instagram and Facebook pages. You can see all the four-legged family members that have visited Nelson Ace Hardware with their humans on our page, too.

Bird Supplies

Do you love feeding the birds? We love to keep the birds fed and happy and to hear them singing their sweet songs here at Nelson Ace Hardware. We have all the seed and suet you can imagine, from sunflower seeds and peanuts to birder blends and specialty mixes, hummingbird nectar, mealworms and suet cakes. Our feeder selection is second to none.

We carry hopper, platform, panorama, hummingbird, window, thistle and tube style feeders just to mention a few. We even carry feeders and food to put out (away from your bird feeders) for squirrels and critters so you are ready with the baffles needed to deter them from eating the food you put out for your feathered friends. If you’re new to birding, we have staff members that can advise you on how to attract the type of birds you are looking for in your backyard.

Bird and Wildlife

Call in your feathered friends and more with seed, suet, birdhouses and accessories.

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Cats and Dogs

Get everything you need to take care of your four-legged pets including food, toys, houses, collars and flea and tick supplements.

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