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It's officially summer!!!

June 21, 2018

It’s officially summer!!!!


Whether you are planning to hang out at home this summer and get outdoor projects done or take some time off to enjoy the beautiful weather (or to do both), Nelson’s has all you need to complete your projects AND make the most of the outdoors while the sun is shining!!!


If you are planning on painting, we have all the supplies you will need, including top notch paint (Ace Royal, Clark & Kensington and Valspar), paint brushes, rollers, tape, etc.  AND the expert advice to make sure you get it done the right way the first time. We can match colors from other paint manufacturers or from a color chip just the size of a dime. We have matched colors from a strip of wallpaper, a swatch of fabric, a piece of a shower curtain and even from a picture ripped from a magazine and a silk flower!!! Come in to Nelson’s soon and let your interior (or exterior) decorator out to play!


I have many things that I “plan” to get done in the summer months…..How about you? The one thing I am always SURE to do is to get out any enjoy as much of the sunshine as I can. Even if that means working in the yard (yuck!!) or hanging my laundry outside to dry and washing the car by hand instead of going through the car wash. At Nelson’s we have you covered no matter what. We have all of the yard tools (hand and powered) fertilizer, grass seed, weed killer, hoses, etc that you need to work in your yard…..all you have to  supply is the ambition. :)  We also carry outdoor clotheslines,  umbrella clothes dryers, car wash, sponges, car wax, tire polish…..just in case you want to “air out your laundry” or wash the car in the yard, too. :)


We also carry fans and air conditioners to help you stay cool and don’t forget about pools, pool cleaning chemicals and floats….yup you guessed it, we’ve got those too! I hope you enjoy summer as much as we do!!!!


Talk soon! Annette