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August 10, 2017

Yeti- Need I say more? Maybe not but I will.......

Have you jumped on the Yeti bandwagon yet? If you haven’t you NEED to try these products!!!! I can easily say they WILL change your life! Seriously, if you love really, really cold water ALL day (or night) long and ice that lasts for DAYS in your cooler, Yeti is for you. Once you start using one of their tumblers or coolers there is no going back. Most of the staff here at Nelson’s has tried them and we’re all hooked! I brought home a tumbler and once my family members had tried it I had to get one for everyone. They are THAT good. If you have a gift occasion coming up, I highly recommend a Yeti tumbler or cooler. Hmmmmm, my hubby has a birthday coming up soon. I think I see a Yeti cooler in his future. Shhhh! Don't tell!!! :)

We started carrying Yeti a few short months ago and it has really taken off. Their Colsters (aka: can koozies) will keep your canned drink cold down to the last drop. I use my tumbler with ice and have literally (I do this every night before bed) filled it with ice and water to drink throughout the night and when I wake up many hours later there is STILL ice inside!! The Rambler tumblers come in 20 or 30 oz sizes and the Lowball is 10oz. The Colsters  fit a 12oz can or bottle. They all come in a variety of colors like Seafoam, Olive, Black, Stainless or Blue.

Their coolers will keep your ice for days, come in a large variety of sizes and are virtually indestructible. Longer lasting ice equals less wasted food and always cold drinks. Choose from their soft sided or hard sided models. We have many sizes and styles and colors to choose from.

We also carry Yeti Accessories. Straws and sipper lids, slider lids, ice packs, bottle openers, T-shirts, baseball caps, tumbler handles, the list goes on and on………

Stop in and we’ll show you the Yeti difference.