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It’s officially grilling season

June 29, 2017

It’s officially grilling season (although for me it’s always grilling season). J

I have been known to be outside grilling steaks with my winter jacket on in 20+- degree weather.

You just can’t go too many months without some grilled food in your life….. and Vermont  winters are way too long for me to wait!

We carry many different types and styles of grills at Nelson Ace.

I’ll start with Weber. Weber makes gas, charcoal and even an electric grill. I started with a Weber charcoal grill that my husband and I grilled on for 12 years before we gave it to my sister in law and she used  it for another 10. About 5 years in with the charcoal grill we decided we wanted a faster way to cook. (Grilling with charcoal is wonderful but it takes time to get the charcoal going, preheat, etc.) So we bought a Weber gas grill. We are still cooking on that grill better than 20 years later…(yes we have replaced a couple of parts over the years but we are STILL cooking on that grill!!!) That in itself speaks to the quality Weber builds. Enough said.

Nelson’s also carries Traeger wood pellet fired smoker/grills. You can grill and/or smoke on these units. Traeger grills are powered by an electric fan that keeps the pellets burning at an even temperature so you can even bake in it! There are models with multiple food probes to track the temperature of your food while it cooks and truly set the temperature that you want it to cook to and forget about it. Traeger pro model grills will keep the temperature that you set (within 5 degrees). There are many different wood flavored pellets to try like cherry, apple, hickory, alder just to name a few. We also carry Traeger grill rubs and barbeque sauces. YUM!!! The Nelson staff members that move the grills in and out all summer long will tell you just how well built the Traeger grills are. You need some muscles to move those babies! J

We also have many other grills in stock so there is one to fit EVERY budget.

Nelson Ace will happily assemble (for FREE!!!) and deliver (within a 10 mile radius) any grill purchased from us.

We would love to answer all of your grilling questions. Stop in and see us anytime!!

Happy Grilling!!!