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Canning and Preserving

July 13, 2017

Is your vegetable garden overflowing and you don’t know what to do with all of the excess that you can’t eat before it spoils? You could sneak some zucchini into your neighbor’s car when they are not looking :~) OR you could can some of that bounty for another day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have fresh vegetables in the dead of winter?

I remember as a kid helping my Mother and Grandmother can and pickle vegetables and make homemade jellies and jams every summer. My Grandfather had a huge garden with enough in it for all of his kids (and their kids) plus the whole neighborhood! We would take a whole day each time there was a big harvest and can tomatoes, salsa, pickles, dilly beans, pickled beets…..You get the idea. Today that may not happen as much as it did in the past but canning and preserving is definitely coming back into style and we have all you need at Nelson’s to can, pickle and preserve to your hearts content.

We stock every shape and size of canning jar, from the smallest jelly jar to ½ gallon and 1 gallon jars and their replacement lids and bands. There are several sizes of water bath or pressure canners to choose from. You’ll also find all of the accessories you need like a canning rack, jar remover tongs, a lid rack, pectin, pickling spices, replacement canner seals and so much more. If you’re just starting out, stop in and we can get you set up with all you’ll need.

Even if you don’t can, mason jars have TONS of other uses. I use mine as drinking glasses, to store dry foods in the pantry and cold foods in the fridge. We carry accessories to turn your mason jar into a piggy bank, a drinking glass with a lid and straw or a snap close lid, a salt and pepper shaker, a honey drizzler, a flower vase, a coffee storage jar with attached scoop and even a “snack pack” with dippers in the jar and dressing on the top. It’s crazy, I know but I love these jars!!! Stop in and see me and I’ll make you go crazy for them to!!!!  Annette