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Family helping family. Customer service the Nelson's way.

As August turns into September, I spend more time going back and forth to my hunting camp. The drive gives me time to reflect on family, friends, business and of course, spending the fall in the woods with my friends. Part of that reflection is what an amazing year it has been for Nelson’s Ace. More people than ever before are discovering Nelson’s great customer service and product selection. While Linda and I are in business to help support ourselves and our staff, I’m constantly reminded of the fact that we have an effect on people that we interact with every day.

It’s difficult to explain how it makes me feel when people say to me “I love your store”. Proud? For sure. Happy? Absolutely! But it is more than that. There is a joy that comes with making sure that every person walking through our doors gets the very best customer service experience possible. Say you come home after working all day and find your faucet has been leaking since you left at 7:00am. Whether it “only” ran up your water bill or dumped water on the floor, it is our job to make sure you get the supplies you need and arm you with the knowledge and confidence to fix it. There is a unique kind of satisfaction in doing this and there is a special collection of people at Nelson’s Ace that make that happen. The staff at Nelson’s is a family and in many ways we follow the typical family dynamic.

Annette is the mom, unequivocally. She has a smile that makes everyone feel better and we all take our problems to her and ask for advice. Like most families, the 1st rule is “don’t make Mom mad”. :)

Kelly is the first born, a big sister with a ton of responsibility. She takes care of the kids and makes sure things run smoothly and that everyone is happy.

Mr. B is that handy uncle that shows up occasionally, (now that he’s semi-retired) pretends to be an old grump but is actually very sweet. He just doesn’t want you to know it.

Clay is the hard working brother that the younger siblings depend on. As eldest brother it’s his duty to mess with his younger siblings but he’s quick to defend them when necessary.

Donna is the aunt that is solid, steady and sweet and makes everyone feel comfortable talking to her. She takes care of all the pets, dispensing treats and pats equally.

Sam is the sister that joined the armed forces and disappears once a month for training. The only thing bigger than her personality (and muscles) is her heart.

Taylor is the baby sister and ends up being on the receiving end of the antics of her older siblings. Lots of eye rolling comes with this sibling.

These 7 make up the core of what makes Nelson’s special. They help remind the other dozen or so family members that working at Nelson’s Ace is more than just a job. It’s family. Thanks for taking the time to read this, our family sends warm wishes to yours for a very happy fall season